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User Experience (UX)

Web design and development include key components to include graphic design, interface design, standard coding practices, user experience design, accessibility, and search engine optimization.

User Experience is related to layout and how well a user understands how they can interact with a site. The ease and access to accommodate as many users as possible, regardless of user skill.

New media pushes information which enables people around the world to share, comment on, and discuss a wide variety of topics. Blogs, websites, videos, games, and images all play a role in communication today.


Designers try to look at the world in a fresh way, noticing new things and seeking inspiration. They gather insights to develop an opinion about what they see, deciding what is new and interesting, and what will inspire new ideas. Here is where Market Research, User Research, and Planning and Design come in.


This is the definition stage, where designers try to make sense of all the possibilities identified in the Discover phase. The goal is to develop a clear creative brief that frames the fundamental design challenge to the organization. Here we look at Project Development, Project Management, and Project completion timeframe.


The third part is where we develop solutions, prototype, test, and iterate. Trial and error help designers to improve and refine their ideas. Brainstorming, prototyping, visual management, and development methods are tested.


The delivery stage is where the product is finalized and launched. Here, we do our Final Testing, Approval, Launch, and evaluate feedback.


BWN - Best Website Now

best website now

Web Design & Development

Best Website Now

Stage of development: Established and growing

Audience: Business Owners, Web Developers, Designers, Website Publishers and Advertisers

Purpose of site: BWN focuses on maintaining the latest information on web trends and web design. We assist small to mid-size businesses by building a modern online presence. BWN leverages Design and Development to create websites that appeal to targeted audiences.


The Developer News section focuses on search-optimized articles relevant to Web Design and Development used for driving traffic to the site.  
Building a website for search-friendly optimization not only requires a consistent flow of interesting and well-written articles, but the website itself needs to be optimized.
BWN serves businesses who need a re-design, re-branding, or a brand new website.


Summit Marketing Group

Summit Marketing Group

Front End Web Design & Development

Summit Marketing Group

Stage of development: Established and growing

Audience: Clients, customers, fans, and employees

Purpose of sites: Engage customers to purchase branded merchandise items


Summit Marketing Group is a leader in branded online store solutions.

With over 150 interactive websites, Summit delivers corporate promotional products and e-commerce stores for the biggest brands in the world. As part of their in-house team, I designed banners, updated content, and ensured the websites were performing flawlessly.

Allstate, Angry Orchard, Jack Daniels, Coca-Cola, United Airlines, Barilla, Georgia Pacific, Schneider Electric, and Goodyear are just a few of the clients served by Summit's awesome proprietary service.

RELX - Reed Elsevier NexisLexis

Reed Elsevier

Front End Web Developer and Publisher

Reed Elsevier REGX

Stage of development: Established and growing

Audience: Doctors, Nurses, Emergency Medical Techs, Firefighters and Paramedics

Purpose of sites: Through paid subscriptions, medical professionals can quickly research topics pertaining to healthcare


Elsevier journals have at some point featured articles by 163 of 164 science and economics Nobel prize winners since 2000.

As a global business with operations around the world, their goal is to enhance the quality of research output by organizing reviews.Right now they are responsible for editing and dissemination of 16% of the world's scientific articles.

My position with ClinicalKey is accessed by more than 4,200 institutions including hospitals, fire stations, labs and other medical emergency organizations.

I published information by coding impeccable HTML, CSS, lists, and JavaScript, as well as videos and image content. QA'd mine and others publications.

Hotel Melodia - Lima, Peru

WordPress Hotel

Hotel Booking User Interface - UX Design,
Database Development

WordPress Hotel

Stage of development: Under Construction

Audience: Visitors to Lima who want to stay close to the airport

Purpose of sites: They needed an online booking capability and ability to immediately add/remove room availability hard coded in five languages


Hotel Melodia needed a re-design to include online booking with payment, Social Media and Google listings, including Maps.Their original website is outdated, non-responsive, and they rely on phone calls.

The research concluded they rely on their restaurant, conference center, weddings, and personal service, to all guests arriving from around the world. Flow charts and wireframes were made. Online booking was needed on the main page, and images and booking from each individual room choice gave visitors a choice to book from several places.They also wanted to show ads for their other hotels in Peru and needed several outlets for Social Media interactions.

Customization, database updates, immediate email notifications to the hotel and guest, Google Maps, Google Analytics, banners, Facebook, scrolling, booking, back up, fonts, SEO, custom photography and Photoshop, all help to ensure their business goals are attained.

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